Our first Video shows the interaction between expressAgent, our Remedy-aware, Lync-based Virtual Agent, and expressHelp, the Service-Desk agent's side Remedy-Lync integration, where the Remedy window is hosted inside the Lync conversation window, with information being exchanged between the expressAgent robot, the Lync client, and the Remedy client.

Note that expressSignOn, our Single-Sign-On solution for Remedy, is also demonstrated here: thanks to expressSignOn, no login prompt is displayed when the Remedy window appears inside the Lync conversation window.


Our second video shows the expressContact and expressHelp features.
expressContact is the integration of Lync presence controls inside of Remedy.
expressHelp is the integration of Remedy inside the Lync conversation window.
In this video, you will see that a user can see the lync presence of contacts directly from Remedy, in real-time, and can start a conversation directly with an available contact. The integration with expressHelp allows the fact that the ticket for which the agent starts a conversation with the requester will automatically be displayed inside the Lync client of the Service Desk agent, providing him with the conversation context as well as with the conversation history inside the ticket log. This also allows the update of the ticket log with the contents of the new conversation.