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ExpressAgent is a Lync-based, Remedy-aware, Virtual Agent :

  • It acts as Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) of your Service Desk : it appears as a Lync contact in the Lync Client of your end users/customers.
  • It is flexible : Behind that contact, the ExpressAgent chat bot can ask a few (configurable) questions and dispatch the communication to the available service desk agents according to a configurable logic (based on skills/languages/availability/position of the call in the queue).
  • It is 'Remedy-aware' : The Virtual agent connects to Remedy through webservices to retrieve information about the contact, support groups, members of support groups, opened calls (incidents/changes/service requests/...), and so on.
  • It is multi-language : it supports multiple languages and all character sets (including i.e. Simplified Chinese)

This section gives you access the following user guides :

ExpressAgent Installation

ExpressAgent Administration Guide