ExpressContact is the integration of Lync Controls inside Remedy.

ExpressContact provides the possibility to instantly see if an end user, a customer or a contact, is  available via lync, and provides the possiblity to start a conversation in one click. If you also have expressHelp installed, the ticket that is the subject of your conversation will appear inside the lync conversation window.

Lync Controls, such as the Lync presence indicator, can be included in any page in Remedy, even in Custom Remedy Forms, through BMC Developer Studio. It simply needs to reference a field containing the email address of the person for whom the Presence should be displayed. The presence indicator provides a button to start a conversation with the selected contact, in one click.

ExpressContact includes an Incident console displaying the Lync presence of the incident requester for each incident, with the possiblity to start a conversation in one click, while opening automatically the selected incident inside the lync conversation.