ExpressHelp is the integration of Remedy inside the Lync Conversation Window.

ExpressHelp allows Service Desk Agents to create a new ticket out of an on-going conversation.

In case a conversation was transferred from ExpressAgent (the ExpressDesk virtual agent) to a Service Desk Agent, a new ticket will appear automatically inside the lync conversation (on the SD Agent side), with all available details pre-filled. The details that are filled in automatically are the Customer information. Additional fields can be completed automatically depending on the way the ExpressAgent is configured, and using the 'ExpressAgent BackChannel' to transfer the information between ExpressAgent and expressHelp. Another use of the BackChannel is to open immediately an existing ticket inside the Lync conversation window of the service desk agent, in case the end user/customer requests an update of an existing ticket.

ExpressHelp saves automatically the content of every conversation in the Ticket's 'Work Info' log, allowing a complete traceability of the interactions between the Service Desk and the end user/customer.

ExpressHelp allows proper SLA measurement, as it can record the start of the lync conversation as the Incident initiate date. It is also useful to measure the response time.

Extended Compatibility

ExpressHelp is Compatible with 32 or 64 bits client version of Microsoft Lync 2010, Lync 2013, and the brand new Skype For Business / Skype Enterprise (which replaces Lync).